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Rock Star Homes

With all that rocking out and exhausting touring they do, rock stars need rest too and what better place to do it in than their own private homes.  When the tour bus gets too cramped and smelly, rock stars retire to their humble abodes to recuperate and wreck havoc in style.  Imagine what their homes must look like! Are they draped all in black with chains and crosses and the like? Well, for one such famed rocker who calls himself “the prince of darkness”, darkness is part of life.

Ozzy Osbourne and his clan are now even more famous for opening their Beverly Hills home to MTV camera crews for three years to film all the mishap, mayhem and family love that the Osbournes share in with glee. The Osbournes currently own three homes; their primary residence is the Beverly Hills mansion that the show was filmed in while they readily take vacations at their Malibu beachfront property or their 5 million dollar Birmingham mansion that was recently in the news for having caught fire. No one was hurt but damages were small and the fire was contained and thought to have started due to a faulty lamp.

Canadian rocker, Avril Lavigne and her fiancée, Sum 41’s Derrick Whibley, recently purchased their first home together in Beverly Hills, California where they will eagerly set up shop after their nuptials.  The 15 million dollar “French masterpiece” comes with a number of hot amenities including a tennis court, a pool, a disco and a cinema not to mention seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The most interesting aspect of the whole property is that Britney Spears is a close neighbor; residing down the same street that Avril’s new home is on.

Ashlee Simpson, the questionable rocker that everyone loves to hate recently purchased her first home in Studio City, California where she is set to share the home with two of her best girlfriends where she was hesitant at first to purchase the home at all. She had rented a place before in a complex in Beverly Hills, California where she lived two floors above her old flame, Ryan Cabrera.  As everyone saw on her reality show, she lived like a slob, where one episode showed Ashlee receiving lessons on how to sweep properly from her mom.

Courtney Love is another famed rock icon that the world has seemed to all but give up on after she has demonstrated to us her exorbitant lifestyle geared towards destruction, both self-inflicted and towards others. She is currently living in her Beverly Hills home with her daughter who she now has custody of after bitter drug and legal woes, not to mention famous Smashing Pumpkins lead and former flame, Billy Corgan who is helping her record her newest album to be released next year.

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